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Samantha's wedding shoes

For someone who doesn’t own many pairs of shoes, I sure do like to photograph them. I just happened to notice these bunched together in my Flickr photostream, uploaded from the past two weddings. Actually, one of my most actively-read posts is about Beth’s red wedding shoes. There are people clicking back to this post for over a year, waiting for a tip on where to buy them!

My friend Eliza has a shoe collection that rivals the cost of an average Canadian wedding (five figures), and if that doesn’t sound crazy enough, I chose the colours for my own wedding based on one pair of her shoes. It sounds like complete madness to elevate the status of shoes to eye level (or at least pocketbook level), but if there is just one thing I’ve learned from Eliza it is to appreciate the art form that is a fine pair of shoes.

For some people it goes beyond art. I remember when I was living in Banff, a woman I worked with at the ski resort used it as a measuring tool. (And no, I’m not talking about using the size of his feet to gauge his privates, if your mind wandered there. Ahem!) She always paid close attention to a man’s shoes, explaining that a man who doesn’t care about his shoes doesn’t care about his feet, and he probably wouldn’t care about hygiene or his dating partner, either. And inversely, the better the shoes = the better the man.

Personally, I remember thinking that this sounded like a big stretch, but I was 18 years old and didn’t have enough life experience to challenge her hypothesis. We would watch men walk by and she would give me her shoe/character/personality assessment but there was no way to test it at the time that was remotely discreet or without embarrassment. It was an interesting idea, but when I try and think back on the last 20 years of dating/marriage to see if she was right or not, I completely draw a blank on their shoes…

Not to mention, if the tables were turned and they looked at MY shoes, according to this theory nobody would ever ask me out!

Samantha's wedding shoes

Wedding attire + winter boots.

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