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Three Photos Of No Relation

This is what happens when you choose the hour of 02:30 to wash dishes, 03:30 to cook a meal, inject the cat with subcutaneous fluids (for his kidney disease), and have to stay up for a while longer to clean up the ensuing vomit. Rather, this is what happens when you try to title photos after all that.

Strange Days

strange days

Grenadier Pond, High Park.

Duck Season

duck season

Also High Park, but a different spot.

Excess Baggage

4:35 am, Georges' studio

4:35 am, Georges’ studio in Quebec City. You can probably tell by the excess baggage under each eye. You know, after experimenting with studio lighting, I’m kind of warming up to it. I’m still not a big fan of flash, but I’m trying to get over it by teaching myself how to use it more effectively.

The Return Of The 50mm f/1.8

from the houseguests

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I use the 17-55mm f/2.8 all the time — I almost never take it off the D300. Aside from my gripes about barrel distortion, I am in love with this lens. It’s responsive and sharp, just like anything that deserves my adoration (haha).

Anyway, I switched out the 17-55mm for the 50mm on Thursday night at the end of my shoot with Shamim in High Park as the streetlighting conditions were too low for the 17-55mm. The 50mm is a fraction (we’re talking less than a tenth of the price) of the 17-55mm, but it performs decently with enough light. This shot was taken with the 50mm, and it looks a lot brighter than it was in reality.

Today I decided to leave the prime lens on the D300 to shoot a couple of details around the house before I tackle the monumental cleaning job that comes after having company for over a month. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do with houseguests around is heavy-duty cleaning. The lovely flora above is from K&E, who left yesterday. K is Xena and Beano’s catsitter from Ottawa, but this trip was a holiday rather than a sitting stint.

Having the place to myself again meant I could whip up balanced meals such as hash browns, corn on the cob, and coffee in my underwear, and leave the bathroom door open for the cats to harass me directly after a trip to the litterbox (ew). Stay tuned for more writing, more photos, and more musings now that summer is mostly over. The House of Fielding is returning to its regularly-scheduled blogging — while I’m at home, anyway. We know this won’t be for long.

perfect summer food

Alley Walk: Part II


(In case you can’t tell, I’m the one losing a battle with gravity.)

What a difference seven weeks make! It’s taken us that long to finish the Alley Walk that was mapped out by

Postponing it for nearly two months had more to do with people’s schedules than the weather, but the warmer temperatures (at least 25 degrees C higher than last month’s outing!) was most welcome! Part I was in the snow, with gloves, scarves, and hats:

Alley Walk: Part I – Sunday, March 2, 2008

On Sunday’s continuation it was more like sandals, sunglasses, and hats. Which included bunny ears and all sorts found along the way:

nothing says spring quite like a pair of fuzzy ears
nothing says spring quite like a pair of fuzzy ears

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Flying Aces (Part II)

The rest of the aviator photos from last Sunday’s brunch ‘n’ games:

Jose, the Latin American gunner

Mehrdad, a Persian flyer

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Flying Aces (Part I)

A few goofy photos from Sunday’s gathering. I’ve got a few more goofy photos to be processed later.

Introducing Jan, the Flying Ace from Germany:

the Flying Ace, haha

And Rosie, the British Sweetheart (also the Birthday Girl recovering from birthday drinks the previous evening):

the Birthday Girl

And the Lovely Maria, from South America (Uruguay) via Austria.

the Lovely Maria

A Bit of David Always With Me

how would you fly without wings?

The box which held David’s ashes until they were scattered over the Hudson Valley in upstate New York last year. The box now holds David’s British aviator goggles, scarf, and leather helmet.

To take this picture I used the Pentax K100D (digital) body with my favourite prime, David’s 50mm f/1.7 Pentax manual focus lens. I specifically bought the K100D so I could still use David’s Pentax K-mount lenses, but it has proven to be a good investment all ’round. I think he would have approved.

Keep the Outtakes


From our photo archives, off David’s work computer. It’s taken me a long time to be able to go through our photos. I was putting something together for a wedding, and I stayed up all night just looking at photos. I’d been putting it off, then suddenly I couldn’t stop looking.

David didn’t like having his picture taken, but I’d try and be stealthy and sneak up on him with my vari-angle screen. Note the reluctance in his face. David was pretty shy in front of the camera, but he eventually got used to it. I guess I didn’t give him a choice.

There are quite a few photos I’ve never posted because I considered them outtakes: out-of-focus, poor composition, crappy lighting, et cetera. Now my motto is more like “shoot now, rescue later” and use big (high-capacity) memory cards. Also, back up and store.

But keep the outtakes.

Saturday’s Shades

Saturday's shades

Mister Rogers would agree, it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood (only, he’d drop the extra Queen’s English ‘u’). Not content with more photos of my street’s power lines, I headed further up East Mountain from my house this time to capture the setting sun from higher ground.

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Fire in the Sky

fire in the sky

Another brilliant sunset yesterday, with more orange than purple. Today’s sunset was bright, too, but this is the best I could do from the office window. The only way to avoid the power lines in the picture is to go upstairs, but the giant magnolia tree tends to obscure the view:

from the office window upstairs

I watched this morning from the office window as the garbagemen heaved more than a dozen bags plus an assortment of boxes and odds and ends into the back of the truck. You’re probably wondering how on earth a person can accumulate that much rubbish — in fact, I was wondering that myself last night. It’s as if David kept every shred of paper in his life and threw it all in boxes to follow him around. David graduated from Penn State in 1989 and lived in three homes (not counting his mother’s) within about 45 minutes’ drive from each other, so he probably didn’t put much thought into minimising. Just imagine the volume of paper after 16 years! Especially considering how much paperwork can be collected from Civil Air Patrol alone: since it’s an auxiliary of the Air Force, you can’t sneeze without filling out reams of forms and consulting procedure binders. All of which, of course, David kept since the day he joined in 1999.

Speaking of sneezing, Hugh sneezed in my face this morning. Nothing like a spray of cat snot to start the day — there’s that much dust swirling around in this house.

Helma invited me for a fish supper, so I’ll do one more trip to Salvation Army and then I can finally have a break from the grunt work.

Tuesday’s Hues

Tuesday's hues

The House of Fielding is a bit of a dust cloud these days, with all the shuffling and disturbances. But lately there have been some brilliant sunsets from the front porch, and on Tuesday one drew me away from the rubble to capture some of its hues on camera.

Now, back to work…

City Feet, Country Feet

city feet, country feet

Sticking our feet in Lake Tobyhanna on Saturday. Some relief after discovering Gouldsboro Lake had disappeared.

You can certainly tell which feet are which: mine are the ones trying to escape from the slitherers and the insects, David’s are right at home.

sunset over Lake Tobyhanna


rusty links

Album: My East Coast Life

Happy Friday!

sun dancing through glass

Fill with beverage of choice…


This post has been brought to you by Murphy’s Law.

Everything is breaking down this week:

  • the garage door just got fixed today
  • the refrigerator conked out yesterday and the repairman can’t make it until Monday (foodstuffs are in a cooler on the porch)
  • David’s car was in the shop on Wednesday
  • my camera has just been fixed

… what’s going on?? Drinks are in order.