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My Papa, ageing gracefully

ageing gracefully

I took some photos of my father when he was here, because I just don’t have enough pictures of him. The man doesn’t sit still, so capturing him is a challenge.

I was driving with him earlier this year, and mentioned in our conversation that a friend of mine knows someone who owns a dealership.

“Can you ask your friend if I can work there, part-time? Maybe wash cars, or deliver them, a few hours a day?”

“Dad, aren’t you supposed to retire? You keep telling me you’re retiring, but then you keep working.”

“Just part-time, otherwise I’ll be bored. Ask your friend, OK?”

I haven’t worked for the better part of a year because I don’t have a U.S. work permit, but I’m not bored enough to wash cars. If my dad could get the hang of the internet, maybe he’d not want to wash cars, either. Then again, he wouldn’t be ageing as gracefully as he seems to be — my dad’s as fit as a water buffalo (or carabao, as they say in the Philippines).