Keep the Outtakes


From our photo archives, off David’s work computer. It’s taken me a long time to be able to go through our photos. I was putting something together for a wedding, and I stayed up all night just looking at photos. I’d been putting it off, then suddenly I couldn’t stop looking.

David didn’t like having his picture taken, but I’d try and be stealthy and sneak up on him with my vari-angle screen. Note the reluctance in his face. David was pretty shy in front of the camera, but he eventually got used to it. I guess I didn’t give him a choice.

There are quite a few photos I’ve never posted because I considered them outtakes: out-of-focus, poor composition, crappy lighting, et cetera. Now my motto is more like “shoot now, rescue later” and use big (high-capacity) memory cards. Also, back up and store.

But keep the outtakes.

The Old Barn

the old barn

Pentax K-1000
May 30, 2006
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Those who went to Rhinebeck on May 30 for the first time were probably not surprised to find it a little… rustic. That’s the way David liked things: time-worn, lots of character, unpretentious. Every week he’d listen to his favourite radio program — A Prairie Home Companion — narrated by Garrison Keillor, a master storyteller, about a fictional place called Lake Wobegon. This photo reminds me of Keillor’s stories:

“The town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, lies on the shore against Adams Hill, looking east across the blue-green water to the dark woods. From the south, the highway aims for the lake, bends hard left by the magnificent concrete Grecian grain silos, and eases over a leg of the hill past the SLOW CHILDREN sign, bringing the traveler in on Main Street toward the town’s one traffic light, which is almost always green. A few surviving elms shade the street.”
– Lake Wobegon Days (ch. 1)

Nay Aug Park

Nay Aug Park
Nay Aug Park
[photo by gail on the web]

ADDITION: 8:20pm

Fooling around with our new cameraphones in the park. I sent this to Flickr and Blogger at the same time using Flickr’s send-by-e-mail feature, so it’s very ‘in the moment’. We took photos around the park, I dropped off a roll of film to get developed, and then I turned to David:

“Hey, let’s go drive around the neighbourhoods and look for Halloween houses!”

Time to go pick up the film now, so we’ll see what photos turn out later this evening.

ADDITION: Saturday, Oct 22

Dave’s Logbook: Another Outing

Hairy Dave

I caught up with housework this afternoon, so I’m FINALLY getting around to scanning the stacks of prints I’ve been accumulating for the past three weeks or so.

Here’s one of David that I took around the last week of August, before all of his hair fell out. Hairy guy, huh? But it’s one of my favourites. I’m loving the film camera for portraits — it’s got a depth of field my digital camera doesn’t come close to.






AviatorDave channelling De Niro

From Saturday’s mission to find lakes. David’s wearing his CAP golf shirt because we’d just attended the end of the “Camp Jeep” WWII aircraft display. The people fishing at Tobyhanna Lake probably thought he was a park warden coming around to inspect their license!

For some real fun David should’ve whipped out his anti-narcotics ID.



Experimenting with PS filters. What a good sport David is… every time he takes a photo of me I tell him not to dare post it.

Homeless Furnishings

Homeless furnishings by AviatorDave

The couch tries to console his chaise buddy, as they remember happier times….

David takes lunch walks when the weather’s good, shooting scenes of the industrial wasteland landscape around his printing plant. He’s got some striking shots — I’ve included some of my favourites below.

The rest of David’s photos tagged with “lunchwalk”: Lunch Walk in Wilkes-Barre

(Click on photos for descriptions and info.)

Another coat? by AviatorDave

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