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Norma + Johnny: The Preview

Norma + Johnny

I’m back in Toronto 16 hours and 250 kilometres later, after leaving rather early on a Saturday to shoot a wedding north of the city. Now I’m trying to stay awake long enough to edit a couple of pics for a preview…

I told a client last night that the style of editing sets the mood, and the above shot is a pretty good example of this.

Pets featured in today’s wedding shoot, which means Gilbert (the cat), Sam and Bailey (the pooches) will be making some appearances, too. Sam is the one looking neglected in the photo below.

Norma + Johnny

Dressed To The Nines

dapper dog

dapper dog

It’s Eddie! All dressed up in his tux for Kinga + Dustin’s wedding on the beach. Photos forthcoming!

The Welcoming Committee

Eddie, the Welcoming Committee

We made it to Sauble Beach, and more importantly, we made it to the house in Port Elgin afterwards to crash and rest up before The Big Day.

Do you remember Eddie? Isn’t he adorable? He was a one-pooch welcoming committee for Friday night and will be walking down the aisle tomorrow.

It’s gonna be a great weekend!

Nicola + Krys + Kismet: Sneak Peek

happy trio

happy trio

Last night’s shoot at The Beaches went *pun alert* swimmingly well. The photos are backed up, I’ve edited and uploaded a few, now it’s time to crash… there’s a story behind the photos which I’ll tell after I get the sand out of my toes and the doggie slobber cleaned off.


the moment before I got slimed

the moment before I got slimed

contemplating a leap off the dock

contemplating a leap off the dock

a dog's day out

a dog's day out

Nice To Meet You, Buddy

Buddy the Dog

My friends Natalia and Jan moved into their new digs last weekend and I was their first dinner guest! Yay me! It was also the first time to meet Buddy the dog, a pooch they pooch-sit now and then but for some reason he and I have never crossed paths. It’s a good thing Buddy doesn’t have an aversion to the camera, because I sure took a lot of photos of him today. The photo above cracks me up because it looks like Buddy put on Jan’s hat and jacket.

I discovered today that Jan and Natalia’s new place is an urban landscape photography goldmine, but the best part is that it’s a fraction of the distance between their old place and mine. Plus, Natalia loves cooking. ‘Nuff said. Get ready for lots more food pictures ’cause I’m inviting myself over for dinner even more often!






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Hi There! I’m Back!


This morning was my first shoot of 2011, and I confess I was feeling a little bit of trepidation. Not because of the heavy snowfall this morning that threatened to cancel the outdoor shoot — or postpone it too late into the day and then have to rush through — but because I was wondering if my photo-mojo would come back. When I was at my sickest I had zero energy and no desire to shoot anything. It was an awful, awful feeling. But photography is more than a hobby for me, it is a livelihood. I have contracts and commitments and clients. Rationally, it was the illness that took over my brain but less-than-rationally I wondered if this was more than that, if I had to struggle to find my way back to my happy place.

So it was with immense relief that I found myself bonding again with my camera this morning and steering the shoot and thoroughly enjoying the experience of looking through the viewfinder at the numbers and the content in my frame and making all the spur-of-the-moment calculated technical and artistic decisions that go into photographing people (and animals).

Immense, immense relief. Goodbye trepidation, hello mojo! I missed you!