Photography Weekend

It’s been a big weekend of photography, attending exhibits and visiting venues for two major annual events that ran both Saturday and Sunday — Wings & Wheels, Doors Open — and dipping into a third, Contact (which runs all of May). Aviation, architecture, and photography, what could be better?

After all this running around I’m in serious need of a nap, so I’ll post a few of my favourites over the past two days for now:

tail to tail
Fairmont Royal York

The Good News and the Bad News


At least the good news is higher on the scale of goodness than the bad news rates on the scale of badness.

The good news is that I finally learned, exactly one month after my aviation medical, that I passed it! Whew, what a relief! The doctor’s office got clearance from the cardiologist and will be sending the appropriate form off to Transport Canada. I’ll finish ground school sometime in May, write my PSTAR exam, and finally get off the ground!

That was the first message I got at work while I was at the conference yesterday. The second message was from the camera shop where I brought the Pentax K-1000 to get cleaned and diagnosed. They said the water damage was extensive and would cost a whopping $250 to fix! I deliberated over that for a while, and decided that

  1. it was still cheaper than buying another film camera
  2. I have three lenses and a couple of filters for it
  3. it’s a good camera that should last for another (?) years, as long as I’m careful
  4. plus, it was David’s.

I also thought about shopping around for another repair quote, but I’m short on time: I want to shoot a wedding in film next weekend and camera repairs take a while. With all the running around I’d have to do to pick it up from this shop and take it to another, it wouldn’t get done in time. Oh well, at least I can shoot film again!

I checked my bank account, and my income tax refund was deposited this morning. It only took nine days from the time that I e-filed it, so that was timely — a few hundred dollars of it is going right back out again.

off Simcoe Street