Jessica Mezey With Gossamer Wings At Foz Do Douro

Jessica Mezey

You’re not seeing things. These three images are one shot with different editing. The beach shoot with Jessica included this wooden pier off the boardwalk around Foz do Douro — a typically unbusy spot, even in the summertime. Probably because it’s typically gusty, which for our purposes makes an excellent natural wind machine for motion. A performer like Beyoncé has to carry motorized ones with her on tour, to make her look like she’s in a perpetual shampoo commercial. (And sometimes those machines try to eat her, but she keeps singing.)

Anyway, I posted three versions of this one photo because I couldn’t make up my mind which one to show. When it comes to editing, photographers favour a speedy work flow and I’m no different. But since this is my blog, I’m showing several versions to illustrate how a single image can carry several different moods based on colour (or lack of it). There’s even digital cross-processing in the one above, and I haven’t applied this style to any photos in years (mostly because it was a fad).

Talking about photo editing is only marginally more exciting than talking about document editing — would I do that to you? — but occasionally I enjoy posting the different versions to ask people to make up their own minds which one they prefer. The answers always surprise me; I can never predict them. If you have a preference, let me know in the comments.

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Jessica Mezey
Jessica Mezey

August 8, 2015
Album: Portugal [Summer 2015]