A New View In Porto: Casa Da Música’s Roof Terrace

Casa da Música's terrace view

Even after living in Porto for a year and a half, I still couldn’t say I knew Casa da Música all that well. I’d visited a few times and the most I’d seen was a symphony rehearsal, not even an actual concert.

But today that all changed. Now I know it probably better than most people in Porto!

Casa da Música is having an Open House for the next few days to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and through a chance retweet, I discovered that they were offering free technical tours of the building during their anniversary program. I’ll explain more in the post how it came to be, but I ended up on not one but two tours of CDM today, one this morning of the public spaces (in French) and another in the afternoon of the personnel-only spaces (in Portuguese). As a result, I spent a total of about three hours actively touring the entire building: the nooks and crannies, control rooms, storage rooms, filtration systems, rehearsal spaces, racks of costumes, rooms of instruments, sheet music, and banks of computers keeping track of lighting and sound and air temperature and humidity. I’m a production geek and love to see behind the curtains.

But after all that I could really use some sleep. Tomorrow I’m going on a Porto Food Tour because I won a giveaway on Nelson Carvalheiro’s blog, which means I’ll have some new food spots to share with you afterwards. This photo above is my latest discovery after exploring Casa da Música: they have a roof terrace with an incredible view! (Here’s what it looks like from above.) I loved it so much I returned there four times through the course of the day. I’ve never heard anyone mention this spot before, but now that I know about it, I will be back!

April 10, 2015
Album: Portugal [Spring 2015]