Aduntorium Non Constant 2

Aduntorium Non Constant 2 (Porto, Portugal) (3)

DaVinci Gallery, Porto

Exposição/ Leilão de arte, com vista à angariação de fundos para a Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro-NRN
Exposition / Art Auction fundraiser for Portuguese Cancer League
DaVinci Art Gallery, Porto
November 29, 2014

This is my second year to shoot Aduntorium Non Constant; last year’s event was spread over the entire weekend (Friday to Sunday):

Exposição: Aduntorium Non Constant (2013)
Aduntorium Non Constant: Leilão/Auction (2013)

This year the event format was modified to accommodate the expanded volume of artwork available for auction (nearly triple the number of pieces), shortened to two days, and the location moved from Matosinhos to downtown Porto. The exhibit and auction took place today, and tomorrow is the second day of the exhibit with a silent auction for the remaining works of art. All pieces were donated by the artists, as was the venue and the base materials given to the artists. Two representatives from the Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro were on hand to introduce the event and encourage bidders to donate generously.

There are a LOT of pictures still to edit and upload, but I’ve got a list of the sold pieces and will give upload priority to photos of pieces which aren’t sold yet. Eventually the photos of all the artwork will be added to the album, so check back for additions:

Album: Aduntorium Non Constant 2

Aduntorium Non Constant 2 (Porto, Portugal) (1)

Aduntorium Non Constant 2 (Porto, Portugal) (2)

Aduntorium Non Constant 2 (Porto, Portugal)

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