Toronto: The Flickr Collection

The Big Swing

I’ve lived most of my thirties in Toronto, and when I look at the huge collection of photos I’ve taken here it hits me, not just how much I’ve shot here in terms of volume, but how the photography documented my life. I packed a lot of living into the past 7.5 years! There are currently 145 sets — excluding commissioned work — shot from 2006 to 2013:

It is by far the largest collection of photos currently (145 out of 472 sets), with Travel a distant second, at 93 sets. However, this will change soon. I leave Toronto in a week and will be travelling for another two weeks after that before arriving in my new home city of Porto at the end of the month. Then, what will happen to Toronto will be what happened to Vancouver after I moved here — it will become part of the Travel collection. Then, Porto will have its own collection, and only the areas outwith Porto will be in the Travel collection.

For the past few weeks I’ve been handing out the Moo minicards I ordered recently with 10 different photos printed on the total of 400. The photo above is the only one in the set from Toronto, and it’s a very popular selection when I show a batch for people to take one. I have a gazillion photos with the CN Tower, but it’s interesting that I chose this one to represent the city I’ve called home since March 2006. It seems to resonate with the locals, too, because it’s usually the first one to be taken.

Part of the draw to the visual arts is emotional value. There are funfairs like the CNE all over the world, but there’s something about the Big Swing and summertime that tugs at Torontonians of all ages. My inner anthropologist (taking notes) is interested to see how my outer photographer represents northern Portugal.

Meanwhile, I’ll still be uploading Toronto photos for some time to come, because I only ever have time to upload a small fraction of what I shoot. Which means you’ll be seeing more of Toronto for YEARS