Sneak Peek: Ring In Winter

Kim + Greg's eshoot in Ottawa

Not buried in snow here in Toronto (most of it is melted), but buried in work. Here’s a preview of the outdoor engagement shoot in Ottawa last Saturday, where we did everything from ice skating, tobogganing, making snow angels and snow people, to lots of running around. We kept warm all day! It’s the best way to enjoy winter in Canada, especially in the capital region.

Last weekend was memorable for two other reasons:

  1. For the first time I used Craigslist rideshare as a passenger instead of a driver. (I’ve done a fair amount of rideshare driving, without incident. All my passengers were good.) Now I know what it feels like to be on the other side.
  2. I finally escaped from Toronto after the longest unbroken stint in the city ever: 3 months. Last year I set a new record of 2.5 months without an escape: September to mid-November, but then I caught up after that. For someone who is not a homebody, who enjoys very frequent weekend escapes, this was far too long without the mental break from work and I won’t ever do that again!