Recovery Sunday Ramble

Leanne + Peter's wedding

1 King West

This is month six of Recovery Sundays, which means I can now recover from six straight months of wedding photography. (Editing and other shoots take place all year round.) Yesterday I shot a wedding only six days after the previous one, and I can feel it. I marvel at the wedding photographers who shoot double-headers and even triple-headers: two or three weddings in a single weekend. It boggles my mind. I have a two-month break before my next wedding in November, and you bet I’ll be taking advantage of that (hello Saturday night activities!).

Yesterday morning there was a water problem in my house (unbeknownst to me) and when it came time to get ready for the wedding I was about to shoot, the WATER WAS TURNED OFF. There is nothing that makes one appreciate functional plumbing more than the prospect of how to go about the day with no water, or the prospect of needing to track down nearby friends to borrow their bathroom and then schlepping stuff around. It would be fine if there was nothing pressing, however, that was not the case yesterday!

Thankfully the problem was resolved just in the nick of time, and I was able to get cleaned up, packed up, and ready to head out. Then I discovered that the deluge of rain in the morning somehow flooded my car on the passenger side. Thankfully (again), it wasn’t on the driver’s side or I’d have to figure out a way to stay dry while driving. I still have no idea how an inch of water was able to accumulate on the floor without any windows being left open, not even a crack.

This afternoon I read the newspaper while eating a leisurely breakfast at my local diner. It was heavenly. I really enjoy the feeling that comes the day after shooting a big event like a wedding, because I feel like I deserve to indulge myself, to do whatever I want because I earned it.

If you live in Toronto, you’ll know by the legions of celebrity-spotters that the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is in full swing, because it takes over the media. The whole entertainment section is devoted to TIFF and celebrities. I got bored reading it and turned to the back of the section, which is for In Memoriams and Obituaries. I would rather read about ordinary people who lived full lives without a spotlight, entourages, paparazzi, handlers, or PR agents. I’m in a tiny minority of people who would prefer to live in a world without celebrities.

As of right now, I am 38% towards my goal to raise $5,000 by doing the Terry Fox Run next Sunday, September 16. With four donations over the weekend, the total spiked yesterday thanks to a huge donation of $750 and today it spiked again by another huge donation of $500. Those amounts made my jaw drop! It’s a real boost to my fundraising efforts, and I thank everyone who has contributed to my campaign. There is no amount too small, all are very much appreciated! If you’d like to contribute, my page is here: