On The Canadian Riviera: Wedding Preview

on the Canadian Riviera (Sugar Beach)

I kicked off my 2012 wedding season by shooting Michelle and Robert’s wedding on Saturday, and if this one’s any indication, I’m going to have a doozy of a year! In fact, I took another six-hour nap today to recover…

This preview pic was taken at Sugar Beach, where the winds were so high I could barely open the car door. I took one look at the trees and said an involuntary “uh oh”. It felt like a storm was on its way and the forecasters were going to tell us to batten down the hatches (there were winds coming up from 121 storms in 4 states that day). I was unsure everyone would go along with my cockamamie idea, especially in the first 30 seconds out of the car when we were all leaning into the wind (there’s a reason why there are no people at popular Sugar Beach), but we survived it and the pictures turned out great!

There are plenty more to come, stay tuned. Especially the karaoke pictures from the latter part of the evening when everyone is super-merry. At the end of the night the Maid of Honour shoved a microphone in my hand and I joined the Best Man on “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones. My second-shooter took the camera out of my hands and got a couple of photos of my first EVER karaoke number — believe it or not!