Leanne + Peter @ Queens Quay

Leanne + Pete (11)

Leanne + Pete

I met Leanne and Peter for the first time last month, after they booked me as their wedding photographer over the phone from Phoenix, Arizona. Their wedding is next weekend, and tonight I met up with the second-shooter in the Distillery District to go over our plan for the day.

Since Pete lives in Arizona while Leanne lives here, fitting in an engagement shoot before the wedding was going to be a crunch. But when an opportunity for a quick meeting arose at short-notice, we were able to meet up at Starbucks on Queens Quay for a quick chat. I did a tiny scout before arriving and found a burst of foliage near the Starbucks that would do nicely for a private mini-shoot background. The top pic is my favourite, but I like the ones below as a series.

Definitely not my typical (2-hour) engagement shoot, it was more like five minutes, but I like what we got — especially since it started pouring rain just after we parted ways. In under the wire…