Jinhee + Gene’s Engagement Shoot In NYC: The Preview

Jinhee + Gene's eshoot in NYC

What could be more New York than this?

I arrived home from New York after 3 o’clock in the morning, still wired from the 500 mile / 800 kilometre drive through three states and a province. But it was worth all the mileage: I hung out with friends on Saturday, shot all day Sunday, hung out some more on Monday, and had one of the best weekends this year (even though we were all melting every day from the humidity).

I filled an 8GB memory card with engagement shots alone, which makes it tough to choose a preview out of more than 600 photos. Here are two before I finally get some shuteye.

Jinhee + Gene's eshoot in NYC

above Madison Avenue

(You know what’s coming next…) More to come, stay tuned!