Astrid + Navarre’s Engagement Shoot At Harbourfront Centre

Astrid + Navarre

I shot Astrid + Navarre’s engagement shoot at Harbourfront Centre on December 18, after flying in a helicopter over them an hour and a half before. When I mentioned it they did recall seeing a helicopter flying overhead, but little did they know it was me!

I’d also done a family shoot before the helicopter ride, so after a morning of kiddie-wrangling and a lunchtime thrill of seeing the top of the CN Tower up close(r), the mid-afternoon felt like a break. Ice-skating at Harbourfront Centre? Yes, please! After all, I wasn’t doing the skating. (Holding a camera? That would be inviting disaster.)

Astrid was pretty tentative on skates, but Navarre’s a pro — he’s an avid hockey player.

 Astrid + Navarre

Of course, when I found that out I had to put his skills to the test and make him do a little stunt. It was rather busy at the rink, but I asked Navarre to do a leaning stop beside Astrid, and then a skate-on-one-knee, gliding to a stop. That was really cheeky of me to ask, but I did, anyway, and made a little videoclip of it:

After that, I was worried I’d wreck Navarre’s clothing before the shoot was up! Time to put regular shoes back on, as it was beginning to get very chilly. Not to mention, by the time I arrived Astrid’s parents had already been doing their own photo and film shoot of the couple for at least an hour. Between the three of us, we were Team Paparazzi. For two people who’d never had their photos taken together before, Astrid and Navarre would soon have more photos than ever.

Astrid + Navarre

The wind by the lake was picking up, which meant I had to get everyone walking, otherwise we’d freeze. Without prompting, Navarre did a heel-click and I got my favourite shot of the day:

Harbourfront e-session

This picture even made it into BlogTO.

Considering how much the temperature kept dropping, the shoot went splendidly and they held up for another hour before the sun disappeared over the horizon and we couldn’t feel our extremities anymore.

Astrid + Navarre

Astrid + Navarre

Just in time for the rest of the family to show up for a group shot:


Astrid and Navarre’s wedding is in May, we’re all looking forward to the rise in temperature and flowers!

I’m still uploading photos to the set, so the set will expand over time. For now, it is best viewed as a full-screen slideshow, thumbnails, or watch it autoplay in the smaller slideshow below: