ArtScience Festival 2012: Opening Reception Preview

ArtScience Festival 2012

Shooting for Subtle Technologies (where science meets art) once again, this time the opening (at 401 Richmond) to their big event which takes place all weekend. I’m only around to shoot a small part of it — their opening reception and Friday night — so it will be a tiny preview. Check out the Festival details here.

More about the opening reception at Red Head Gallery:

Cc: me is an installation of drawings, live bacteria, poetry, and sound by artist Elaine Whittaker. It is based on the content of a collection of facsimile thermal transfer carbon rolls, technological remnants of the rapidly disappearing world of the fax, collected at the Toronto Environmental Alliance over a ten-year period. The pieces contain the imprint of past faxes that included both campaign, political—and now historical—documents of the organization, and a plethora of unwanted commercial advertisements. For Cc: me Whittaker reuses the rolls as drawing material and montage, and as the base for the Bioart installations. A copy of the transfers traces and fragments onto prepared wax boards, sheets of mylar, and inserted into petri dishes cultured with Halobacterium sp. NRC-1. Sketched in the form of human figures, the artworks become shadowy iterations of the body, conveying images of mutable histories, degraded texts and transformative ecology. Several pieces are interpreted by four established local poets, transformed into evocative expressions of wit, longing, memory, hardship and life – installations of word and object. The carbon copy of yesterday becomes the transfigured art of today.

Poetry reading by Julie Roorda, Jim Johnstone, Ruth Roach Pierson and Larry Sulky. Ambient sound work by Tom Auger.

More photos to come!

ArtScience Festival 2012