Toronto International Film Festival 2011

Shot from the balcony at Roy Thomson Hall with three friends, tickets courtesy of The Firm. We were there to see a French film called Happy Event by Rémi Bezançon. Both Bezançon and the lead actress, Louise Bourgoin, were present at the screening and spoke during the introduction to the film. I’m pretty sure this film will get North American distribution — probably in 2012.

I had an incredibly long day that started with driving through insane rush-hour traffic to get patients to treatment and back home, so I’m glad I was able to end the day in a more relaxing way, with a TIFF film and dinner with friends after work. I’ve dropped Xena off to her vacation house (ha!) and now it’s time to focus on my Sauble Beach wedding this weekend. Three of us hit the road after I finish work and pick up equipment; it’s a three-hour drive to the wedding location so forgetting any photography hardware is going to send me into a panic attack!