Spring Scouting In Streetsville


There I go with the alliteration again. I must be sleepy. (9 out of 10 posts are written in the middle of the night, with one eye open.)


I’m forcing myself to take a break from the wedding/engagement photo editing that’s gobbled up most of the weekend. Let’s roll back the clock to Saturday afternoon when I was location scouting in Streetsville for some places to photograph the upcoming wedding party. (Streetsville is an historic hamlet in the middle of the suburban sprawl that is the city of Mississauga, west of Toronto.) I found the church, which happened to be hosting a wedding in progress, but I wasn’t dressed properly and decided to continue scouting since I’ll be at the church on Thursday attending the rehearsal, anyway.

I went to the reception hall to scope the building, and noted the inn is smaller than I expected, which meant I had to come up with another plan. I can use it for my Rain Plan, but even if it’s just sprinkling I’d rather be outside. One criterion that is important when I’m searching locations is their proximity to the reception venue — my ideal radius is five minutes or less. It took me a while to find suitable spots where a limousine could access and park easily (that’s what ruled out Streetsville’s business district), but after about an hour of scouting, I found spots for the group at various locations around the University of Toronto campus. The best spot was one I almost didn’t find — it was only curiosity that urged me to drive all the way down this road after the second time I drove by.

University of Toronto, Mississauga campus

In case it isn’t obvious, I love location scouting. It’s a necessary part of preparation, but I love exploring anyway, and it’s given me the chance to become more familiar with places around the GTA. Consequently, I know parts of the city better than the locals do. I identify more as an environmental photographer, a studio is too confining for me. Shooting outside has its disadvantages, i.e., I can’t control the weather, but I’ll work with it. Improvisation is a very useful skill, in many areas in life.

(Here’s a tip: cemeteries are peaceful, well-kept spaces for reflection. Maybe not for a wedding party, but for yourself.)

Now that I’ve done my scout, let’s hope Mother Mature doesn’t make me resort to my Rain Plan.