Singin’ In The Rain: The Wedding Preview


Yesterday was my first wedding hit by a day-long downpour, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the newlyweds or their friends and family. I was surrounded by smiles and laughter and tears of joy; water cascading from the sky didn’t make a dent in the happiness.


Case in point: the wedding party were total troupers, indulging in my requests for outdoor photos — the ladies standing on slippery rocks in heels and the guys in puddles. The setting was wonderful, and I’m pleased everyone liked the spots I chose (scouting always pays off). I loved being their wedding photographer for many reasons (my second wedding this year with a Chilean groom and impressive dancing!), and there are lots more photos to be added to their preview album soon…

Theresa & Abner are off to Spain tomorrow for their honeymoon, which guarantees there’ll be plenty of sun to make up for all the rain!