Angie with her sibs

Angie with her sibs

More often than not, I make a photo rather than take a photo.

For example, you might be surprised to know I had to Photoshop a person out of this photo. We were in a big hurry to leave this location* and get to the reception venue, and we needed a veil shot — except Angie’s veil wouldn’t stay put in the wind. So I had (second-shooter) Byron stand behind Angie and hold her veil behind her head (his arm is behind her neck). It mostly worked, except her dress moved in the wind and his shoe was exposed. I cloned part of her dress to cover his shoe.

It’s common to Photoshop stuff out these days but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a load of extra work. Try it sometime and you’ll see.

* This isn’t where they got married. I found this church and the entire parking lot was still being constructed, so I didn’t think the church was active yet and chose to use the front for photos. My timing was beyond lucky — we were packing up to go and a lady from the church found me and proceeded to tell me that we were disrespecting the sacredness of the grounds (we didn’t do anything except take photos in front of it).