Nice To Meet You, Buddy

Buddy the Dog

My friends Natalia and Jan moved into their new digs last weekend and I was their first dinner guest! Yay me! It was also the first time to meet Buddy the dog, a pooch they pooch-sit now and then but for some reason he and I have never crossed paths. It’s a good thing Buddy doesn’t have an aversion to the camera, because I sure took a lot of photos of him today. The photo above cracks me up because it looks like Buddy put on Jan’s hat and jacket.

I discovered today that Jan and Natalia’s new place is an urban landscape photography goldmine, but the best part is that it’s a fraction of the distance between their old place and mine. Plus, Natalia loves cooking. ‘Nuff said. Get ready for lots more food pictures ’cause I’m inviting myself over for dinner even more often!






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