Let’s Dance!

Kinga + Dustin

I uploaded some of my dancing photos from last Saturday’s beach wedding, taken with a 10.5mm fisheye lens. I rent this lens as I use it only for specific situations, but it’s a fun piece of glass with super distortion on the edges. I bought sparklers and told everyone to dance up a storm while holding them. The tricky part was getting multiple sparklers lit at the same time!

If you’re curious about settings, it’s the same idea as for fireworks: a narrow f-stop (f/11 mostly) and a longer exposure, eg. 1.6-2.0 seconds. You can play around with a front or rear curtain flash (default is front curtain, but rear curtain has some nice effects, too).

To get the circular effects of the ambient light, the longer exposure will “drag” the light so I make circles simply by turning my camera really quickly on its x-axis — whichever way you move it during your exposure is what makes the trails.


Magic! I could not have planned this better if I'd tried.