Frozen Fingers Still Found The Shutter


It is still most definitely winter. Damn! But that didn’t stop me from getting some nightshots in Liberty Village this evening. I was running an errand on the east side of the city with my car and I had my camera with me, which inspired me to try and take photos of steam billowing from industrial stacks and the CN Tower but I couldn’t find a prime location for it. Either the angle was wrong or too many things in the way. My search continues.

GEF_8298 copy

I parked the car in Liberty Village and scouted a little before heading home because I needed the loo and there were none close by. Plus, I left my mittens in the car and couldn’t feel my fingers anymore.


Looks a bit alien, doesn’t it?

While I was taking these photos, passersby would give me bemused looks as they scurried past to get out of the windchill. There I was, squatting along the road at a low angle and watching for cars out of the corner of my eye while I tried to hold still enough to maintain a low shutter speed without falling over. (I know. I need to put a tripod in the car.)


Then, when there were more cars I leaned up against a cold pole to keep the camera steady, waiting for the headlights to reach The Right Spot. It might’ve given the drivers a little paranoia.

Then again, you were probably inside by a warm fire like the rest of the sane people.