Fat Tuesday

Somehow Shrove Tuesday doesn’t have the same ring to it when I’m posting photos of food.


Went out for a short-notice dinner with some friends and their friends, a Japanese/Korean place named Ho Su Bistro that’s pretty handy to my office. If you’ve ever been to a Korean restaurant, you’ll know never to eat anything beforehand — between the little appetizer plates and the big bowl/platter of the mains, you can skip a couple of meals afterward and won’t even notice.

It’s also International Women’s Day, so I took some portraits of Neesa at the restaurant and futzed about with body positioning so I could get her lit properly. (Restaurant lighting is usually too dim. Spotlights are also unflattering.) Neesa got a free makeover today because it’s IWD and I wanted to photograph her with her “new” face and hair…





After dinner the others were planning to see Adjustment Bureau at the cinema nearby but I had work to do, so I parted ways after rolling out of the restaurant and took some pics of the CN Tower with my nifty-fifty f/1.4 on the way home:


The journey took a little longer since the streetcar short-turned a couple of stops from my house, so I shot a few more at a neighbourhood shoe shop. While I was standing there with my camera, a guy spotted me taking photos and picked my brain for advice on purchasing a camera. It happens fairly often and it always amuses me that the simple act of just holding a DSLR breaks down a social barrier and emboldens people to ask questions of complete strangers.

“I knew it was worth asking you!” he said, thanking me for my advice. “I’ve been wanting to buy a DSLR to use with my SLR lenses and I didn’t know what to do.” (For the record, I advised him to buy used and the previous generation DSLRs without video, after I asked him about it.)