Danish Wedding

Danish wedding cake

I shot a Danish wedding tonight — my first. How Danish was it? I won’t really know unless I shoot a wedding in Denmark (pssst! any Danish people out there who want to fly me out for a wedding?), but I would say this cake looks very Danish, by the decorative bits. I would’ve guessed Scandinavian, at least — it reminds me of things I’ve seen in Norway (and Iceland, except Iceland is not actually part of Scandinavia).

Most of the wedding guests flew in from somewhere — Australia, all over Canada, as well as Denmark — but the whole room was filled with Danish and Canadian flags to represent the couple. Part of the evening was filled with flag-waving and singing a song with Danish lyrics.

There is also a Danish wedding tradition of taking the shoes off the groom and cutting the toes off his socks or cutting a piece off his tie, but we finished shooting before any of that happened!

Danish-Canadian wedding

Denmark joins with Canada