Creaky Sunday


Creaky Sunday immediately follows Wedding Saturday. I’ll be 39 in a couple of months and all the bones and joints are intact but jeepers, I’m starting to feel my knees for the first time in my life. I rarely shoot just at eye level, I’m often crouching or kneeling on the ground, and these days it takes me a bit longer to get back up again. One day, someone’s going to hand me a cane!

The past week has sped by like a bullet train fuelled by houseguests (Tuesday-Friday), meetings with photo assistants (Monday, Thursday), client meetings (Wednesday), catching up with friends from out of town (Friday), catching up with friends in town (today), equipment pickup (Friday), location scouting and a wedding rehearsal (Thursday), and shooting the wedding yesterday. Oh, and of course work at The Firm.

A funny thing I noticed at the wedding rehearsal that I was able to confirm browsing through the pictures: the officiant at my last two weddings is the same person. No wonder he looked familiar!




February 19:


And remember the house I mentioned in the last post, the one I “borrowed” by ringing the doorbell and asking permission to do the “First Look”? Here it is:


Lots more photos to come from Saturday’s wedding. A couple more shots with the fisheye lens: