A Daffodil In High Park


… but with an engagement ring in it!

Sometimes the weather people get it right. Like today, when it was reported that rain in the early evening would turn to snow.

SNOW! What?!? It’s April!

Yesterday when I read the forecast, I moved today around with this in mind, pushing forward my lunch meeting at Babos Turkish restaurant to accommodate an earlier engagement shoot with Theresa and Abner in High Park before the weather turned. Our timing was just right, shooting in pretty good weather with a mix of sun and cloud for two hours before we went to Grenadier Cafe to go over some wedding details. I usually do it the other way around so there’s a bit of a warmup before the shoot but I didn’t want to lose out on any sunshine.

Theresa brought along a daffodil — from Daffodil Days at both their workplaces — for some colour, which worked out perfectly since their wedding colours are yellow and grey. The daffodil is also very apropos since her father, who has been undergoing cancer treatment, has recently seen leaps and bounds improvement in his condition, in time to give his daughter away.

I already love engagement shoots, but I love love love to hear good news like this even more!