Vicky + Mike Are Married!


Yesterday’s wedding was one of the most fun events I’ve ever shot, and much of the credit goes to the bridal party who were all from New Zealand. The Canadian groomsmen were no slouches, but special mention goes out to the Kiwis. This bunch were stellar!

I’m still going through the photos, there are around 1,800 of them…! Major shout-out to Jan, who was my hardworking second shooter yesterday.


There should Be T-Shirts: “I Survived G20 Saturday”

Who would be wearing these t-shirts?

  • The police whose cruisers were set on fire;
  • Peaceful protesters who shouldn’t be lumped in with the minority of those who resorted to vandalism and wanton destruction and drowned out everyone with legitimate causes;
  • All the brides and grooms (including mine) who were married yesterday in downtown Toronto amidst the colossal inconvenience of the G20;
  • All the vendors who had to work through it, just like any other Saturday, but with 10x more hassle;
  • The baby of the Maid of Honour, who fell off the church pew during the ceremony…

… but especially the baby — she didn’t even wail!