Three Photos Of No Relation

This is what happens when you choose the hour of 02:30 to wash dishes, 03:30 to cook a meal, inject the cat with subcutaneous fluids (for his kidney disease), and have to stay up for a while longer to clean up the ensuing vomit. Rather, this is what happens when you try to title photos after all that.

Strange Days

strange days

Grenadier Pond, High Park.

Duck Season

duck season

Also High Park, but a different spot.

Excess Baggage

4:35 am, Georges' studio

4:35 am, Georges’ studio in Quebec City. You can probably tell by the excess baggage under each eye. You know, after experimenting with studio lighting, I’m kind of warming up to it. I’m still not a big fan of flash, but I’m trying to get over it by teaching myself how to use it more effectively.