Things I Learned From Today’s Downtown Shoot


  • Don’t forget to check all the locations! I checked for events at the Air Canada Centre, but not at the Rogers Centre. There was a football game on and spectators kept wandering in and out of the shots I took at the Roundhouse. It didn’t kill the location, but it slowed everything down and the clients froze while standing around in the wind chill.
  • My camera is tough, and so am I. I tripped and fell backwards on the stairs in the Skywalk (between Union Station and the CN Tower), and the first thing I did after hitting the ground was check the camera! I’m fine, the camera’s fine, but that was a shock to the system!
  • Remember to show the assistant the test button on the Speedlight!
  • As the photographer, I am also the de facto stylist: advising for wardrobe, hair, makeup, props, etc., is par for the course. Today I was the hairstylist. Going forward, instead of putting it in an email if someone asks I should just have a doc for it and send that to clients before every shoot.
  • I need to CATALOGUE my shoot locations, maybe plot them on my own custom Google Shoot Map. Right now everything’s in my head and I need to get it out instead of having to wrack my brain when it comes time to suggest a shooting location.

Big thanks to Byron for assisting today, he sped up the shoot and filled the role of stand-in for my test shots!

I’ve worked 14 days straight and it will be another five before I can take a day off. Feeling in need of a break.