Theatre Wedding = Improvisation


I am pretty happy with how this photo turned out, since:

  • it was raining outside earlier (there goes Plan A)
  • everything ran late and there was only 20 minutes left for cocktails before dinner was served
  • the house lights were at maximum but the theatre was still very dark (I’m at ISO 800 here)
  • I needed to get about 70 people in one shot
  • I had a brick wall behind me, this was as far back as I could stand
  • my second Nikon flash could only be triggered at 33 feet (I didn’t have PocketWizards this time)

I considered shooting from the stands and putting everyone on stage, but I wouldn’t be able to stagger people the same way. This perspective is much more what I had in mind because the house lights are backlighting the people on stage and I like the front shadows. There’s more “drama” in the layers of people, if you know what I mean, and drama was what I was going for.

A few more photos from yesterday and then I’m hitting the hay for four hours or so of sleep before an early morning at The Firm…


The bride’s mother was a riot — she doesn’t just make a mean cupcake, she burns up the dance floor, too!


It started to rain, so I had to find a place to shoot the portraits! Yikes! (My original Rain Plan B was the theatre, but I was convinced it was way too dark.) I found a brick wall in the rear access behind the stage, which was glassed in with natural light. It saved me, that’s for sure — it took some shuffling and rearranging but I managed to get all the pre-ceremony portraits done in that narrow space. Jan was my second-shooter for this wedding, he was a big help!


Heather’s friends spiced up the elegant affair, literally, with fuschia chair covers, fuschia roses (I was given a vase of them to take home), fuschia outfits and that Indian food I mentioned in a previous post. With the aroma of chicken makhani (butter chicken) in the air, a Big Band playing, and taking photos of happy people, I could think of much worse ways to be working on a Saturday night.


More pics, best viewed as a full-screen slideshow or view in the smaller slideshow below: