Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade 2010


No time for commentary, unfortunately, I’ll add some later and leave you with some pics for now… here are last year’s. The alligator/crocodile pumpkin creature (above) was really impressive! Being adjacent to a scene of pumpkin carnage added to the Halloween effect.


Justin Bieber really gets around, doesn’t he?


I loved the bicycle! The flame in the second wheel went out, so I put my flash behind it to light it up. You can see the flash head through the hole.


For those who don’t live in Toronto, Rob Ford is the city’s mayor-elect. No, I did not vote for him; I’m trying to ignore the sound of his voice.


I haven’t figured out who this is. He looks like a cross between Freddie Mercury and a young Vincent Price.




The photos are best viewed as a [full-screen slideshow], or just sit back and watch the smaller slideshow below (click on it to view thumbnails):