Rose-Coloured Glasses


A photo from two weddings ago, taken at 2:09am (I love EXIF). Shooting late has its advantages, you know. (The advantage is called alcohol. I’m the only sober person at 3am.) Funny thing is, the glasses are the DJ’s — someone left them at a previous wedding, and now he brings them along for photo ops like this. Out of all the DJs I’ve worked alongside, Brent is the friendliest I’ve ever met. Could he be from out of town? (ha!–I had to ask!) Yes, he’s from Alberta…

I’m still editing, as you can see. Last night I was editing up until nearly 6 o’clock this morning, which means I probably won’t last long editing tonight after driving patients, working, voting, cooking, and housecleaning. And I’m still sick, with a voice resembling Scarlett Johansson’s if she’d chain-smoked a pack of Camels. Charming, huh?