Occupational Hazard #542


I started feeling like death warmed over this afternoon. I’m posting this then going to bed: a bouquet toss photo that proves how dangerous wedding photography can be.

Dangerous, you ask? Go ahead and laugh, I can take it. Last Sunday I nearly fell off my ladder during the ceremony, grabbed the dock before I fell into the lake taking this shot, got tangled in the TV camera cables and nearly went down several times, got slam-danced by wedding guests, and narrowly escaped getting mowed over by women trying to catch a bouquet sailing through the air.

These ladies came barreling towards me like a freight train and I was backed right up against the DJ’s equipment. It’s a miracle no injuries were sustained in the catching of this bouquet (tossed from a second floor balcony), and it’s a miracle I got this photo at all because I was bracing myself for a crash!

One word: insurance.