Michelle + Jamie

Michelle + Jamie from Gail Edwin-Fielding on Vimeo.

March 20, 2010
Rouge Concept Gallery

Behold, a video slideshow of a wedding I shot last month in an art gallery. This is the largest number of photos I’ve used for a single slideshow (248) because a) I had a hard time narrowing down the photos, and b) their first dance song (U2’s “All I Want Is You”, running at 6:30) is pretty long, anyways.

It was my first time to shoot in an art gallery, so everything I learned I will apply to my next art gallery wedding in July (different gallery). Biggest challenge? Space, right up there with the fear that I’ll knock over a $900 vase… it is a very real fear! I never drink when I’m working — booze and expensive camera equipment don’t mix — but that doesn’t apply to anyone else, of course. Everyone gets pretty merry!

If you have a fast internet connection and a fast computer, a higher-quality viewing experience can be found at my ImageLegacy site (it’s around 90MBs, so it’ll take a little while to load). [Update: contest is closed, so I’ve removed the video.]

Ahem, there is one slide difference between the Vimeo slideshow here and the version hosted at ImageLegacy. With 249 photos, I doubt you’ll notice what it is unless you view the ImageLegacy version first (though I think it will be pretty obvious why I excluded it from the Vimeo version), but you’ll get a prize if you do…

What’s the prize, you ask? A free print or card of your choice. My photos are displayed on the web, but after a recent meeting with an artist for a collaborative project, I’ve been thinking of showing more of my work in print. My ImageNation website is now using Fotomoto to offer small prints, cards, or you may send any of them as e-cards. Check out the archives, click on a photo, and you’ll see the Fotomoto links below. I’m debating whether to set it up at gailatlarge.net, as the ecommerce option for that particular site design is PayPal only. I’d have to do some tweaking in the current layout to show the Fotomoto links. If you prefer a photo over at gailatlarge.net, let me know what it is and I’ll print it.

If you can figure out the slide difference between the two videos (tell me when it appears in the video at ImageLegacy.com), send me an email. Include in your email a link to one picture from either the ImageNation archive or the GailatLarge.net archive, select a print/card size and email me your choice. That’s it! First one to email me these two things: 1) correct answer + 2) a link to a photo from any of my galleries will get a free print/card in the mail.

Update: Nigel won 🙂 and chose this photo, which will be printed 8×10 by Fotomoto and winging its way to him in India next week. Thanks for playing!