Fun With Flash


I make no bones about the fact that I’m not a fan of flash. That’s why studio work has never really appealed to me, although the major reason is I prefer being at large than working in a studio. (I already work in an office part-time, the rest of the time I like being mobile.) But I have to live with flash since I shoot in possibly the worst lighting conditions for photography: weddings. Poor lighting, mixed lighting, constantly-changing lighting — you name it, it’s all in a day’s work. There’s no escaping flash since other lighting sources are either unreliable at the venues, or they are completely unflattering in pictures. People love the ambiance of candlelight, but try and take photos of people moving around in it… in focus. Tough! This is where fast glass comes in, and the accompanying sticker shock. (If you think photographers charge a fortune, trying buying the same equipment without spending one.)

Thing is, I can’t hate flash forever, I have to make friends with it. Here’s getting to know you better, flash… no hard feelings!

Friday’s original plans turned into a bit of a gong show, so I dragged my lighting kit over to Natalia and Jan’s to do some creative flash work and put myself in a flashy mood for tomorrow’s wedding. Natalia wasn’t really into it, but once I got her jumping and showed her some of the alley shots on my LCD, she became much more enthusiastic.




Jan gets an IDEAR

I’m still adding to the set, but you can view what’s there as [thumbnails] or, better yet, a [slideshow].