April 23 Preview Photos

Shots scads ‘o photos yesterday, between Nicole and Jeremy’s engagement shoot in High Park and Jan’s birthday at Sutra Tiki Bar in Little Italy last night. Also, I was excited to see what developed out of my Chinon CE-4 film roll, which was started in 2008 (!) and only finished recently. I picked up the index print and CD yesterday. It’s only my second roll out of that camera, and I am even happier with the results this second time around. I really should use it more often, but between the film and developing it can be rather expensive.

I only have time to upload a few photos before heading back to High Park to shoot another engagement session with Sandra and Jon. Hope it doesn’t rain, it keeps threatening to…


Reading the menu by the light of an LED duck — it quacks, even! I love this photo. View larger.


Nicole and Jeremy in High Park.


Chinon CE-4 film camera (scanned negative). The vignetting is in the camera, I didn’t process it aside from removing a big piece of dust in the corner.

Eric during our trip last August to Montreal, writing a postcard to his grandmother. This is my favourite from the roll.