Anna + Rick: Nuit Blanche


(It’s 6am on Sunday morning but I’m backdating it anyway. The photo above is an outttake at the Gladstone Hotel, but I love it, anyway!)

While people were revelling in the annual Nuit Blanche overnight art festival around us, Anna and Rick were having a white night of their own — a wedding! The staff at the restaurant were ready to wind down the event at 2:30am, otherwise it would’ve been full-steam ahead and heading for dawn, just like Nuit Blanche. The DJ and I were having a great time with the guests, but all good things must come to an end.

I debated whether to keep going and find some art installations to photograph, but after a wedding I get a bit nervous about something happening to the files so the first thing I do is back them them up right away, whether on my laptop or at home. I can’t relax until that’s done. The art and any other photographs will have to wait!

Oh, do I have great images from this wedding — people were giving me their email addresses so I could send them directly. Here are a few of my faves, while I’m sorting through them: