Two More Reasons To Love Prime Lenses

can't catch me

Oh how I love this… Best viewed larger.

lap pooch

Lighting’s a little harsh on this second one, but I loved the moment and I didn’t want it to get away. (I shoot fully manual so I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the quickest gun in the west when it comes to finding The Perfect Exposure.) I’m of the opinion that capturing the moment in a flawed way technically is altogether preferable to losing the shot.

Both shot with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, which I rented for a wedding last month. The rest of the set is here. For more examples of shots taken with this lens, see Ryan Brenizer’s collection on Flickr.

If money were no object (and I had a personal assistant to hold all this gear for me), I’d shoot with several prime lenses carried with me always, on three separate camera bodies. I love the sharpness and responsiveness of primes, but most of the time there is simply too much going on to swap lenses on the fly. Also, you know what happens when you swap lenses quickly? They drop. Also, dust everywhere — on sensor, lenses, everything. It’s a constant battle to be dust-free.

Anyway, time to pack up the gear, unpack my brain and go to bed — I have a photo shoot with two families in nine hours.