The Return Of The 50mm f/1.8

from the houseguests

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I use the 17-55mm f/2.8 all the time — I almost never take it off the D300. Aside from my gripes about barrel distortion, I am in love with this lens. It’s responsive and sharp, just like anything that deserves my adoration (haha).

Anyway, I switched out the 17-55mm for the 50mm on Thursday night at the end of my shoot with Shamim in High Park as the streetlighting conditions were too low for the 17-55mm. The 50mm is a fraction (we’re talking less than a tenth of the price) of the 17-55mm, but it performs decently with enough light. This shot was taken with the 50mm, and it looks a lot brighter than it was in reality.

Today I decided to leave the prime lens on the D300 to shoot a couple of details around the house before I tackle the monumental cleaning job that comes after having company for over a month. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do with houseguests around is heavy-duty cleaning. The lovely flora above is from K&E, who left yesterday. K is Xena and Beano’s catsitter from Ottawa, but this trip was a holiday rather than a sitting stint.

Having the place to myself again meant I could whip up balanced meals such as hash browns, corn on the cob, and coffee in my underwear, and leave the bathroom door open for the cats to harass me directly after a trip to the litterbox (ew). Stay tuned for more writing, more photos, and more musings now that summer is mostly over. The House of Fielding is returning to its regularly-scheduled blogging — while I’m at home, anyway. We know this won’t be for long.

perfect summer food