Sunday Flora

flowers at The Brides' Project

It’s Sunday night and I’m trying not to fall asleep at my chair, waiting for these RAW files to convert in Lightroom to make an online contact sheet. I had a jarring start to the day, having made the mistake of setting the alarm for PM instead of AM and waking up literally 15 minutes before this morning’s photo shoot in North York. Talk about a SCRAMBLE!

The morning photo shoot included four adults, two toddlers and some harsh lighting conditions, but everyone made it to the end with only a few tears. (Not including mine, ha!) Straight after the shoot I went to The Brides’ Project to volunteer in the shop for the afternoon, where I came across these beautiful flowers.

There’s a whole story behind this bouquet that was delivered to The Brides’ Project, but I’ll link to the story later when it’s written up on the TBP site. For this photo I didn’t have very much light to work with, so I put it on top of the microwave and beside the fridge under a kitchen light. The side lighting is coming from a window. I posted the flower photo originally because I wanted to talk about lighting, but I think a commentary about lighting in general would make this post far too long for my sagging brain. Lighting is a beast — it completely dominates photography and requires a lot of practice to master. Anyway, in the meantime enjoy the flowers!