Previews To The Previews


I’m between functions at the moment, which means I should be napping but I’m uploading a couple of photos first. This week’s been unbelievably crazy-busy, which means I haven’t been able to do anything with last Saturday’s photos of Beth and Shawn and their kids in High Park except do backups and make a contact sheet. Here’s one photo of Beth and Shawn I will be enlarging and displaying at their upcoming wedding. Call me biased, but I love this picture!

And here’s one photo from the wedding I shot today at Brassai on King West. It was a FAB-ulous affair, with the funniest officiant ever, plus a robot, cat, owl, sailor, and… well, I shouldn’t say anymore — this is a pre-preview, after all.

So many details about this wedding won me over, but a wedding brunch? GENIUS! I dug right into the croissants, bacon, eggs, and easily the best granola I’ve ever eaten (with macadamia nuts and coconut–yum!). This pancake tower is a work of art:


Wait’ll you see the rest of the pictures! Let’s see if I can get any sleep before the post-wedding party…