Pi-Leau: The Video Preview

I went to Nathan Phillips Square tonight to check out a street theatre performance called “Pi-Leau” by the Dutch troupe Close Act as part of the annual WinterCity Festival. I took photos most of the time and pulled out my video digicam for a few clips until the batteries shut down.

Here’s a synopsis from the city’s WinterCity website:

Dutch street theatre troupe, Close-Act, transforms Nathan Phillips Square into a mythical under-water world that floats high above the audience. Themes of global warming and environmental struggles are evident, but at its heart this spectacular open-air production of Pi-Leau is a story of forbidden love that combines theatre, music, fire, dance and incredible props.

Dazzling mermaids frolic and swim, unaware of the imminent danger of melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and the flooding of all land. Hearty fishermen struggle to survive on the sea and often resort to hostile acts. The story’s hero, the last of the peaceful fishermen, discovers the mermaid’s secret world and falls in love with the beautiful Sirene. He must decide whether to stay close to his new love, or return to the surface in order to save Sirene and the sea, never to see the mermaids again.

Formed in 1991, Close-Act is well known for their large-scale street theatre spectacles where the audience becomes part of the performance. This extraordinary show includes the talents of more than 30 actors, musicians, dancers and technicians, and has toured in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.