Georgetown Mural

mural off Main

Since I am closer to 40 than 30, I am in need of more recovery time than I used to. Today I was planning to indulge in as much of that recovery time as possible, but it was rudely interrupted by a ringing phone and Beano biting my feet.

Is the universe trying to tell me to get out of bed? Apparently so!

Yesterday I put in a busy volunteering shift at The Brides’ Project, then came home to change and head directly to Georgetown to shoot a double birthday party. Maybe it was wearing higher-heeled shoes for seven hours or just the long day, but I arrived home in the wee hours feeling toasted. So I’m still going through the photos from last night, but here’s one I shot of a beautiful mural I found by accident.

You’re probably wondering how on earth I could get lost in a town with only one street running through the centre — and would you know, it’s named Main Street — but it’s entirely possible when the building plaques showing the cross-streets are faded completely away. Nobody’s bothered repainting them because apparently anyone who has business in Georgetown knows where they’re going. I overshot my turn because I couldn’t make out the sign, spotted this mural on a parallel street and returned after the party to shoot it. (The shot is handheld, ISO 1250 if that means anything to you.)

Be proud of this mural, Georgetown! Even if it takes a newcomer a wrong turn serendipity to find it.