Was Garish Yellow Ever En Vogue?


The North Vancouver-Vancouver Seabus terminal corridor connecting to the West Coast Express train, Skytrain, and out to West Cordova St. I don’t know when this was built (the 80’s? Skytrain originated with Expo ’86), but somebody had the bright idea to use Ronald McDonald colours. Those poor North Shore commuters.

Due to time constraints only 20 of the 300 photos I’ve uploaded to the Vancouver photo album thus far were edited (less than 7%), so once I start editing some of the photos in the “to edit” queue, that percentage will rise. Comparing this Vancouver album to the ones from earlier this year (April – 116, July – 77, September – 51), I’ve uploaded a LOT more this time around. At 3+ weeks, it was a longer trip, but I think the other reason for more photos is a combination of familiarity with the camera (I’ve only had it three months), which means shooting faster, shooting more, and consequently uploading more SOOC (straight out of the camera). I’ve got a stack of NEFs (RAW files) in the queue, too, but a manageable number.

It was a great trip! The set features many children, domesticated pets, marine animals, farm animals, and the Pacific Ocean!