Thank You, Chris!

thank you, Chris Cameron

Photo credit: Chris Cameron*

This photo was taken by Chris only a few hours before my first commissioned wedding, a wedding in which I owned only one lens compatible with my new camera purchased 10 days before. Was I out of my mind? It was crazy because shooting a wedding is hard enough with a very familiar camera, but doing it with a far more advanced camera that’s a completely different system is courting disaster. And only one lens? (It wasn’t the kit, I got a 50mm f/1.8 prime.) I brought my Pentax K100D as backup camera with four lenses, but that wasn’t going to be enough.

My first choice was renting glass, but as an out-of-province renter it was going to be tougher (full value of lenses as deposit), especially as I was working out of town during the week and Beau Photo is closed on the weekends.

So I mentioned this to my photography friends Tom and Tuulikki** over dinner on Thursday, who put me on the phone with their Nikon expert friend for suggestions, and he recommended the 17-35mm f/2.8. His was in the shop for repair, so T+T asked around to see who else would have this lens, which brought them to Chris. They asked Chris the next morning (Friday), which brought me to Chris’s kitchen on Saturday, the day of the wedding. And while he coached me on shooting Nikon, he took my picture.

Now you know why I’m smiling, because with all this good fortune coming my way I was bound to have a great wedding ahead of me.

(And I did!)

* No, not the Pennsylvanian who’s Executor of David’s estate
** A BIG thanks to T+T, too (I used to work with Tuulikki 10 years ago)