Take My Picture!

I've never met anyone who WANTED to have her picture taken so much

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who WANTED to have her picture taken so much.

Georges and I were taking pictures by Lac-Saint-Jean on Saturday when a speedboat and a seadoo pulled up to the dock. A little dog ran onto the pier first, and when Georges went to take its picture, this woman behind the dog spotted George’s big telephoto lens (300mm), ran towards us, leaped up on this picnic table and started posing. Completely unprompted, and we weren’t even taking her photo to begin with.

Stunned, Georges started shooting and this went on until it was time for us to go. Afterwards, he turned to me in the car and said, "I have never seen anything like that before." He was so surprised he hadn’t set his camera properly and said next time he’d be more prepared.

Prepared! I don’t know if one could be — this woman was like a firecracker at the company picnic!

I hope Georges posts his photos, because I had the wrong lens for this and took only a few. Georges, on the other hand, has some great shots and some, er, interesting ones in the mix, too, that will likely never make it to the internet.