Rusty Russkie

Martin's camera

Martin, my English houseguest, bought this old Russian camera in Latvia. I’ve never seen one of these before, but then again, I’ve not been an old-school camera collector. I’m sure they’re more common than I think.

Martin didn’t really know how it worked, and I tried to explain what I could to him, but we won’t know if I figured it out or led him astray until he gets his roll developed. The light meter is totally different, and I’m not sure if I’m putting the shutter speed mechanism in the proper position for it to be set.

I’ll see if anyone IDs this camera in Flickr.

* * * * * * * *

I’m in design-mode lately, the bill-paying mode rather than the design-purely-for-fun mode, and I’ve been finding lately that it really affects my writing. (Or maybe that’s just coincidence.) I write an awful lot of email every day, and I read over some of the stuff I send out (when I get the reply) and although the spelling is intact I’m missing entire words or conjugating improperly. At 36, is this when it all goes downhill??