Perfection And Sunday Mornings Don’t Mix

umbrella twirling

Yesterday’s lesson in umbrella-twirling motion blur:

I asked the lovely Erin to pose with her umbrella and twirl it so I could get the motion blur. I was trying to get the shutter speed down low enough for the blur and aperture high enough to expose her face properly, but I hadn’t manually set my ISO (it maxes out at 3200) which resulted in a whitewash… until Aubrey mentioned it. Also, I hadn’t stopped down far enough. So there you go, that’s why I like to shoot with other people — especially on a Sunday morning, when I’m operating on 54% brain power.

The other thing I would’ve done is moved her forward a bit to have only the brick wall in the background. If I were truly a perfectionist I would have directed her properly to lock the focus or used a tripod. I would also clone out that piece of wood in the corner. Thank goodness I’m not a perfectionist (when photowalking), I’d be terribly annoying and nobody would want to go shooting with me.